Snapdragon-powered Smartbooks: in case your smartphone / netbook ain't cutting it

Remember that we peeked back in early April? Yeah, that's not just some one-off creation to wow folks on a show floor. We just sat down with Quallcom to hear all about the newest small form factor machine that it has a hand in, and while we're still unsure if the market can handle it, . The machines are currently in development by a handful of Qualcomm partners, and while exact specifications have yet to be disclosed, here's what we do know. These devices will be marketed as companions to smartphones and bona fide laptops, and honestly, they kind of look like a stripped down version of Sony's . Within the -based rigs, you'll find a 1GHz CPU, a battery good for eight to ten hours of use, WWAN, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, built-in GPS, HD video encoding capabilities and screen resolutions as high as WXGA (1,280 x 768). As with NVIDIA's , this chip also promises pretty awesome 3D graphics considering the low power draw. Click on for more.

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