ASUS Eee PC 1008HA 'Seashell' review roundup

For those near and dear to ASUS' Eee PC netbook line, the 'Seashell' is definitely a breath of fresh air. It doesn't an Eee, it doesn't an Eee and it doesn't boast a replaceable battery like an Eee; needless to say, only two of those three facts were lauded by reviewers across the web. Much like Apple's MacBook Air, the battery in this here machine is not user-serviceable, and while tests proved that it could last well over three hours with "normal" use, ASUS has yet to make clear what plans it has for . In any case, most everything else about the machine was found to be on par or above, with performance being satisfactory for basic tasks and the keyboard / trackpad being exceptionally yummy. Still, it feels as if ASUS is charging a bit much for a familiar lineup of internals, but those willing to pay for style should definitely take a closer look.

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